Post-training meals: Back to the basics

There's nothing wrong with bringing nutrition back to the basics. Post-training nutrition is key to drive training adaptations, refuel and prepare for the next session or game. This follows a simple concept - 'carbohydrate perodization'. On a normal training day, high GI carbs (or most complex carbs) provide around a quarter of the meal. This is because you may have plenty of time to refuel in the following day(s). Following this concept, an off day provides low carbohydrate, but increased portions of vegetables and protein to promote sustenance and ideal body composition. The day before a game is an exception. While training may be 'light', it is important to increase carbohydrate intake (ideally 8 grams per Kg of your body mass). This reflects match day -1food plate, with half of the plate consisting of complex carbohydrates like rice, pasta, potatoes and white breads.

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