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"I worked with Ted at Hull City. I always felt Ted went above and beyond to help the players through either the physical side of training like helping with strength and conditioning sessions, and also the recovery and health side by providing and recommending nutrition/supplements based on individual players needs to help them achieve what they want to improve performance"

Curtis Davies

Derby County

"Ted has been a great help for me especially during the recovery from my knee surgery. He put a food and supplement plan together for as soon as I'd had the op, helping me to maintain muscle mass while immobile, not gain unnecessary weight and also utilise the correct foods to aid my recovery. He’s also made changes to that plan at each stage of my rehab and recovery allowing me to be in the best place possible ready for my return to play. I’ve really felt the benefits of his expert help and advice."

Mike Brown

Harlequin FC
England National Team

"Ted has helped me a ton with my game day preparations over the last couple years. Structuring my meals in a way that I feel I have tons of energy but also feel light during the games. Managing my energy and carbohydrate levels have been a big help with enhancing my concentration, improving my reactions and quickening my decision making during games to help bring out my top performance levels"

Evan Newton

Cincinnati FC


"I began working with Ted in preparation for the London marathon in October of this year. I have often struggled to get the pre-race nutrition right for optimal results during the race. Ted sat down with me to thoroughly work out the details of a plan that would work best for me. The result was a tailored fuelling plan which helped immensely on race day. Waiting at the start line on race day, I finally had confidence that this key element - which I have had challenges with previously, had been addressed and worked out specifically for me. I look forward to working with Ted in the coming months as I work towards the 2021 Olympic trials"

Tracy Barlow

GB Marathon Runner

"I first met Ted while at Hull City and we have remained close colleagues ever since. Ted has been instrumental in all aspects of our team nutrition; daily dietary planning, match-day nutrition, and travel/hotel meals. His guidance is always given with careful consideration of both performance and recovery. I’ve brought Ted to California for pre-season on multiple occasions to assist in tailoring not only our nutritional programs, but also advising our strength & conditioning department, implementing injury prevention strategies, and building our GPS/data analysis program. Ted has been my most valued resource for the past four seasons"

Jesse Saenz

Head of Medicine and Science

Sacramento Republic


"Ted's been a great help to me in the recent past. He’s been able to plan an appropriate diet for me to reach my body composition goals, aid my recovery and fuel my training and match days. He's helped me get the best out of my nutrition, which reflects in my physical performance. Most of all, i've still been enjoying my food!"

James Chisholm

Harlequin FC 

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