4 Kallo Low Fat Rice Cakes

250 g Natural Cottage Cheese

Honey (Optional)

This snack is a great option for pre or post training as it provides an optimal snack serving of carbohydrates and sufficient protein based on hitting 0.3 g/kg every 3-4 hours and post-training. The cottage cheese contributes not only a great protein source, but enriched with calcium which assists with bone health and vitally important for athletes. Feel free to add honey, jam or even cooked ham/beef as an additional topping.

See the step by step guide and pictures below. Makes 10 slices.


Apply 250 g of natural cottage cheese to 4 low fat rice cakes. This is ideal pre or post training


For a 'lighter' snack, apply 150g of cottage cheese to 2 rice cakes and consume between meals as a high protein snack. This will still provide around 17 g of protein to promote lean muscle mass


Feel free to add toppings (e.g black pepper, honey, jam, cooked meats) or turn this into a full meal by adding additional roasted vegetables

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